Hi there, I am Carlo Ferroni, I am originally from Florence, Italy, and have been living in the west of Scotland since 1997.

I have been practicing Yoga and meditation since 2008. I came to these practices quite late in life, at 49, shortly after having a hip replacement to alleviate years of chronic pain brought on by the consequences of a car accident. I have been practising virtually every day ever since.
Yoga and meditation have literally transformed my life; at the time I was a heavy smoker and drinker, mildly depressed, totally unfit and overweight.

transformation from overweight and unhappy to healthy and happy
This is the change that Yoga and meditation have enabled

Now, years later I am the fittest and happiest I have ever been. Having experienced the benefits of Yoga myself, I decided to leave a career in IT in favour of helping spread the positive power of Yoga and meditation.
I am a certified Yoga teacher and a member of the Mindfulness Association. I teach mainly in the West Coast of Scotland.

I have visited Mysore, India, repeatedly to study Vedic philosophy with my teacher Arvind Pare and practice Ashtanga Yoga at the KPJAYI institute under the guidance of Saraswathi Jois. I also successfully completed courses on Yoga and Mindfulness for Addiction Recovery, Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, Yoga for Palliative Cancer Care, Yoga for Outreach and Yoga for Chronic Pain and Fatigue.

I have been vegan since 2011 and am happy to help anyone wanting to explore the joys and benefits of this compassionate lifestyle in a safe and nutritionally valid way.

I also founded Yogable.org, through which we offer not for profit classes aimed at those with physical disabilities which would prevent them from attending regular Yoga classes.

In the press

Ayrshire Magazine article, January 2017

Ayrshire Magazine article

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