I offer Yoga classes and one to one sessions for all levels in Scotland, mainly in Ayrshire.

My classes draw from various Hatha Yoga traditions and focus on connecting mindful, dynamic flows, static postures and conscious breath to improve self-confidence, strength, flexibility and range of motion.

All classes end with a blissful relaxation and will leave you feeling lighter, energised and, at the same time, deeply relaxed. I foster a non-competitive, judgement free environment and welcome all levels of ability and physical fitness.

Current Classes

(Booking strongly recommended)

Class typeStart TimeEnd TimeWhere
Yoga for wellbeing10:0011:15Prestwick - Sheila Dickson Yoga Studio
Yoga for wellbeing18:1519:30Troon - Moray Hall, St. Meddan's church
Yoga for wellbeing10:0011:15Troon - Moray Hall, St. Meddan's church
Yoga for wellbeing18:3019:45Troon - Moray Hall, St. Meddan's church
Yoga for wellbeing20:0021:15Troon - Moray Hall, St. Meddan's church
Yoga for wellbeing10:0011:15Prestwick - Sheila Dickson Yoga Studio

Wellbeing is a legitimate and achievable ambition, yet many of us – for various reasons – struggle to fulfil it. By practising Yoga we introduce four key ingredients in our life:

  • Proper exercise
  • Proper breathing
  • Proper relaxation
  • Positive thinking and meditation

These, combined with proper nutrition, are the keys to a happier, healthier life.
I know from personal experience that through Yoga and meditation we can trigger a ‘virtuous cycle’ that will lead us to a better relationship with ourselves and the world.
Positive change is best achieved by following a gradual and gentle path aimed at establishing life-long healthy habits.
I have been a Yoga and meditation practitioner for many years and, as a passionate Yoga teacher, it is my goal to help you trigger the positive change you desire in your life.